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Big Theory in Literacy: McVee Speaks at LRA

Dr. Mary McVee participated in the 2013 LRA session:
Big Theory in Literacy: Still Transformative After All These Years?  
See her session talk, What’s Theory Got to Do With It?


In this Pecha Kucha-based alternative session, we propose to interrogate the current state of “Big Theory,” or meta-theory, in literacy education scholarship with a particular focus on how it has transformed literacy research and practice in the past, and what role, if any, it might play in the future, particularly regarding issues of equity and justice in and through literacy education.

Session Participants

Session Organizer: George G. Hruby (University of Kentucky)

Chair: George G. Hruby (University of Kentucky)

Discussant: James Cunningham (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)

Is Big Theory in Literacy Passé, or Just Running Late?

  • George G. Hruby (University of Kentucky –

First Pecha Kucha Panel: Big Theory Past and Present

  • Deborah R. Dillon (University of Minnesota –
  • Mark Allen Dressman (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign –,
  • Mona Matthews (Georgia State University –
  • Mary McVee (University at Buffalo –

Second Pecha Kucha Panel: Current and Future Challenges for Big Theory

  • Elizabeth Dutro (University of Colorado Boulder –
  • Kevin Leander (Vanderbilt University –
  • Alfred Tatum (University of Illinois at Chicago –
  • David B. Yaden, Jr. (University of Arizona –