Clinicians Reflecting on Teaching Practices in a Literacy Clinic Practicum

PRimary Investigator: Mary McVee

Research Team:   Emily Hayden, Lynn Shanahan, Tyler Rinker

The goal of this study is to analyze discussions between the faculty instructor and the graduate student clinicians who are enrolled in LAI 558 Clinical Practicum in Teaching Literacy. This is a NY State Education Department required practicum for teaching. As a requirement in the course, the clinicians engage with the faculty instructor and a supervising teacher in discussions following tutoring with struggling readers. Clinicians may also engage in discussion of video excerpts from the CLaRI Video Library or from other videos; as such, permission has already been granted to show videos for educational purposes. The focus of group discussion is on best practices in tutoring using video examples or the clinicians’ descriptions of their own tutoring/teaching.

The research questions for the proposed study are:

  1. Within a discussion-based setting, what types of reflection do clinicians engage in when they consider examples of best literacy practices or problem from their own tutoring or teaching?
  2. What types of conversational scaffolds are used by the faculty instructor and/or supervising teacher in supporting the clinicians in their reflections?