Parents and Teachers

What is CLaRI?

CLaRI is a reading center that provides reading instruction for children and conducts
literacy research. For over 50 years, CLaRI has helped thousands of children from 1st through 12th grade with various reading and writing needs by providing diagnostic and instructional services. At CLaRI, we have been able to help children reading on grade level, but demonstrating a weakness in one area of literacy development, to children reading slightly below grade level, to children reading and writing many years below grade level.

CLaRI Mission Statement

Our Goal is to create success for children who are struggling to read or write. Through evaluation, instruction, and planning for reading and writing success, we support children, their parents, and their teachers. We are committed to the education of all children regardless of their socioeconomic, linguistic, cultural, religious, racial, or ethnic background.

CLaRI Clinicians

Diagnostic and instructional services are provided by University at Buffalo graduate
students seeking their Master’s as Literacy Specialists. All clinicians are certified teachers
and have finished most or all of their core literacy course work. Literacy education faculty members and doctoral students seeking a Ph.D. in Reading Education instruct and closely supervise clinicians as they provide diagnostic and instructional services.

For your convenience, we have put together a CLaRI FAQ Sheet.pdf as a quick reference for individuals interested in CLaRI that addresses the most frequently asked questions. All of the information on the FAQ sheet is also on the website; however, the FAQ sheet is a quick, portable reference to share with a spouse, teacher, or parent.