Fee Reduction

CLaRI, the Center for Literacy and Reading Instruction, is a community resource committed to education for all children regardless of their socioeconomic, linguistic, cultural, religious, racial, or ethnic background. As such, we offer financial assistance to families that cannot afford to pay the full amount of the fall/spring diagnostic reading evaluations, as well as our fall/spring intensive, after-school tutoring tuition. CLaRI is able to extend financial assistance for up to 25% of the families receiving diagnostic and instructional services .  CLaRI is only able to provide financial assistance to a qualifying family for one semester of after-school, intensive tutoring. We are not able to extend financial assistance to summer tutoring or Saturday morning tutoring.

Families with a total income that does not qualify for fee reduction, but facing a financial hardship (e.g., lose of parent income, a child in the family has a disability that requires a lot of medical attention, parent has a disability that requires a lot of medical attention) may also apply for fee reduction. Please contact Dr. Ashlee Campbell, the Associate Director (645-1058), with questions regarding financial hardship.

To apply for fee reduction, please complete the Application for Fee Reduction form and submit proof of household income (i.e., income of all adults living in the home) for the most recent year (e.g., W2 form(s), paycheck stub(s) for one month, Fixed Income Statement, Student Grant information, or Office of Public Assistance benefit printout) or a letter explaining your financial hardship. All relevant information will be taken into consideration and kept confidential. Applications without proof of family income or letter explaining financial hardship will not be processed for fee reduction. Fee reduction applications, along with all necessary paperwork, must be current and resubmitted for every tutoring semester to qualify.

Fee reduction paperwork can be submitted to CLaRI in one of four ways:

  • mail – 17 Baldy Hall, Buffalo, NY 14260-1000
  • fax – 716.645.5060
  • emailub-clari@buffalo.edu
  • in person – Baldy Hall is on the North Campus of the University at Buffalo (see contact for directions)